Who are we ?

Are you a Naturist?

Have you ever thought that you would really like to go hiking, camping, go to the beach, swimming pool and be naked with friends who also enjoy the same?

Have you already practiced nudism and like to enjoy being naked, but you almost always have to do it alone or just with a few friends? If so then come and join our association of gay men who like to be naked, enjoying multiple activities and in the most natural way possible.

Gay Bears Naturist Association is born as an independent organization of nudist gay men who like to enjoy all these activities naked, such as hiking, beaches, etc. in the most natural way, we call it gay bears.

Because this association welcomes all men who feel good and comfortable with their bodies as they are, fat, thin, tall, short, etc. without any discrimination, just sharing the pleasure of being naked in company.

Asociación Bears Naturistas.

Discover a new depth of happiness.